Stonebridge Mortgage Helps First Time Home Buyers 

Stonebridge Mortgage Helps First Time Home Buyers 

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The People Of Gresham Rely On Stonebridge Mortgage 

Many Gresham locals already know that Stonebridge Mortgage Group offers highquality mortgage-related services. Gresham locals looking to buy a home for the first time should turn to Stonebridge Mortgage Group for experienced and professional service. Are you in need of loan officer services? Perhaps you need mortgage broker services? Stonebridge Mortgage Group offers that and more. We’re eager to help Gresham locals by guiding them through the home buying process. 

Don’t Hesitate To Seek Out The Help You Need Through Stonebridge Mortgage Group 

Many first time home buyers in Gresham find themselves overwhelmed by the process of buying a home, and it’s easy to understand why. There is a lot of information about the home buying process to learn and a lot of costs and fees that you may not be aware of until you’re deep in the process of looking for a home. That’s why Stonebridge Mortgage Group is here to help. 

Stonebridge Mortgage Group Comes Highly Recommended 

Gresham locals can rest assured that our services are backed by the recommendations of our past customers. Stonebridge Mortgage Group’s testimonials are overwhelmingly positive. For example, Steve F. says of our services: 
“Overall: excellent. Responsive, knowledgeable, personal attention. In particular, the ability to manage documents electronically is a huge convenience and time-saver.” 

The team at Stonebridge Mortgage Group is ready to use our knowledge about home buying to make the home buying process as easy as possible. Gresham locals, don’t hesitate to make use of our professional and convenient services! 

Stonebridge Mortgage Group offers the best mortgagerelated services! 

What Types Of Services Does Stonebridge Mortgage Group Offer In Gresham? 

Stonebridge Mortgage Group is proud to offer a variety of services in the Gresham area. We want to offer our Gresham clients, especially first time home buyers, all the help they could need to make it through the home buying process. 

Mortgage Brokers And Loans Officers

We’ve mentioned already two of the services we offer that are commonly useful to Gresham first time home buyers – mortgage brokers and loan officers. First time home buyers sometimes have a difficult time telling the two positions apart, though. Here are how mortgage brokers and loan officers differ. 

It is the job of the mortgage broker to negotiate with lenders and your behalf to find loan programs that are most suited to you. Ideally, you want a loan program that has the best rates and terms as well as low closing costs. A mortgage broker is actually a type of mortgage business and can hire on loan officers. Loan officers can work or a mortgage lender, credit union, or a bank. After reviewing your finances, they can recommend a loan for preapproval.  

Real Estate Loans 

Stonebridge Mortgage Group also offers real estate loans. The team at Stonebridge Mortgage Group works with the understanding that the needs of each of our Gresham clients is unique. We take the time to get the full picture of your finances so that we can find the loan that is right for your particular needs 

Reverse Mortgages 

Reverse mortgages, which are only available for homeowners aged 62 and up, are useful for converting a portion of the equity you have in your home to cash so that you can use that cash to help your retirement. We help you consider your options to find out if this is the right choice for you. 

And More! 

Stonebridge Mortgage Group offers other services as well, and we’re eager to help our Gresham customers in any way we can. Don’t wait to call Stonebridge Mortgage Group when you need help with mortgage matters! 

Stonebridge Mortgage Group Offers Guidance On All Mortgage Matters 

For professional assistance with mortgages and related services, look no further than Stonebridge Mortgage Group. You can rely on Stonebridge Mortgage Group to help guide you through the home buying process. We help get you pre-approved for a mortgage and help with your real estate loans and other mortgage solutions, both residential and commercial. Stonebridge Mortgage Group serves the greater Portland area and is located in Gresham, Oregon. Don’t wait to get quality assistance with buying your home! Call Stonebridge Mortgage Group today at 503-661-5580. 

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