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Garages and basements can be workshops, art studios, band practice spaces and more. Sure, they can keep your car or your stored possessions safe from the elements, but they can also be a gym, a dance studio, or a place for kids to play when it’s rainy or snowy. There is limitless potential in garage and basement spaces, but whatever you decide, if you’re planning on extending their purpose past utilitarian, you’ll need to consider fortifying them as you would any other room in the house.

Creating a comfortable space from your existing garage or basement will likely involve insulating the space. Pacific Northwest falls and winters can be remarkably harsh; take careful inventory of what your space would require insofar as insulation and consult with a construction pro before you begin.

When you’re planning on creating a space for you or your family members to cut loose and get loud in—e.g., band practice or kiddie playrooms— you’ll need a solid layer of soundproofing on those walls, especially if you’ve got close neighbors. Typically, you’ll need at least three layers of insulation in addition to a finishing layer of drywall, but again, consult with a pro first.

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