Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_Live-Work Spaces And How To Find The Perfect One

Artists, musicians, and performers thrive in spaces that house both their passions and their possessions, but finding those spaces can be such an effort that many creative types end up working out of their garages. That might be fine for some, but others require spaces that accommodate their work, their belongings, and themselves under one roof.

Live/work spaces may bring to mind images of urban lofts, exposed brick, concrete floors, and service elevators — and that’s not entirely incorrect, but they can be much more. Today’s live/work spaces are not relegated to the paint splattered artist or musically inclined recluse. Retailers, restauranteurs, and manufacturers are all finding utility in the live/work arrangement.

So how do you find the right live/work space for your particular working and living preferences?

Start with location. If your business needs foot traffic, urban areas are replete with spaces that cater to creatives and their livelihoods. These spaces are often renovated and reimagined buildings with historic value – which can also be an asset in your live/work space.

Next, consider the amount of square footage you need to peacefully coexist with your work. You may find yourself more suited to a converted warehouse or barn than an airy loft. Take the time to deliberately examine your footage needs before leaping to any live/work conclusions.

Finally, consult with a mortgage professional. Stonebridge can help you find the perfect financing options for your live/work space so you can finally get on with the business of living and working.

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