When Is The Right Time To Move Your Growing Company?

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, September 1, 2017

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_When Is The Right Time To Move Your Growing Company

Your business is growing, and that’s exactly what you wanted. It likely took you years to get to this point, the moment when you make the decision to move your small business to the next level. Whatever that means to you, there are an incredible number of things to consider now that you’re ready to level up.

Knowing the right time to move your business into a large commercial space depends on many different factors, and though the necessity of space is certainly one them, it’s by far not the only one. A common trap small businesses fall into is growing too much, too fast. In order to avoid this common pitfall, take careful inventory of each of your space needs.

Budget is another primary concern, naturally. When calculating your potential growth, leave no variable unidentified. What appears to be an admirable organic growth rate could take many hits when integrated into plans for your new space. Meticulously plan out your budget and consult with your accountant (if you aren’t using a licensed CPA, now might be the time to reach out to an experienced professional).

Once you’re confident that your plan is detailed enough to move forward, finding a mortgage professional can help you determine precisely what is within your means and meets the needs of your growing company. Contact Stonebridge when you’re ready to move forward, and we can help you finance the perfect space for your business to grow into.

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