What To Look For When Choosing A Broker

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_Choosing The Best Real Estate Agent

The process of buying a home starts with finding a qualified broker, but for many novice homebuyers, knowing where to begin can be challenging. Your mortgage broker’s most important job is to maintain open communication so that buyers are acutely aware of each step of the home buying process. Your mortgage broker should advocate on your behalf as well as make sure you understand each step of the process.

At Stonebridge, we start by reviewing all the necessary financial information that a lender will ask for. We then assess buying options. Once your preapproval is obtained and you’ve found your perfect home, Stonebridge Mortgage Group will complete the lender’s application with you. We only work with reputable lenders and diligently steer clear of predatory loans. We thoroughly go over all the legal disclosures with our clients, making sure nothing is hidden or misunderstood. A mortgage agent should strive to find all opportunities to save you money wherever possible, whether you’re purchasing a new home, office, vacation getaway, commercial or private space.

Stonebridge Mortgage Group can help you with your real estate loans and other mortgage solutions, both residential and commercial. We serve the greater Portland area and are located in Gresham, Oregon.

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