What To Know When Buying Acreage

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Potential land buyers in Oregon have a quite a diversity of land to choose from. From riverside meadows to mountainside grasslands, Oregon’s acres are plentiful and affordable. Buying acreage to build your home, develop the land or just have a getaway for you and your family all call for different tactics, but these few tips will get you started in the right direction regardless of your plans for your future acres.

Just like in traditional real estate, location is key. In Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties there are attractive areas with access to commercial areas and schools, and there are hidden getaways, miles from commerce centers or other residences. Carefully consider each location you view to gauge whether it meets your needs.

County services may or may not be available to your potential acreage — carefully examine any land that shows potential. Water, sewage, and drainage are all hugely relevant if you are planning on building a residence, so make sure you get all of the information you can gather about the property. Additionally, if there is a water source near your potential purchase, ensure you have rights to said water.

Research easements and mineral rights for the property you’re considering. It’s crucial to know if others have legal access to the land, as it may have a great effect on any development you may be planning.

Make sure that if you do plan to develop the land that you can run electrical lines to your new development. There could be unexpected expenses attributed to running electrical lines to isolated forest areas, so be aware of what is feasible before you buy.


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