What To Do When Your Real Estate Purchase Goes Wrong

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, November 24, 2017

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_What To Do When Your Real Estate Purchase Goes Wrong

Real estate is, was, and will always be high risk. Each potential homeowner knows that, while hopefully unlikely, it’s possible that their deal could quickly go sideways. Knowing how to spot red flags and potential complications will aid you, but there are occasions that all the foresight in the world can’t help a buyer avoid a bad deal. When you find yourself in a position as such, it’s crucial to know how to proceed. These tips can help you make a bad situation into a learning experience.

Know Your Rights

First and foremost, know your rights. Part of your pre-purchase due diligence is learning about your buyer rights. Make learning the bare essentials of real estate laws in your area a priority before you sign anything.

Burden of Proof

Know that the burden of proof is on you. If your new property is a lemon, you’ll have to prove that the seller had previous knowledge of any home issues that may result in major damage. Collect plumbing, heating and repair records from the buyer in case an untreated issue becomes a catastrophe. In the case of a court date, these documents could ensure the court sides with you.

Call Your Agent

Contact your agent before your contact a lawyer. See if there is an amicable resolution you and the seller can agree to before considering a court case.

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