Wallpaper Or Paint? Choosing Interiors That Build Value In Your New Home

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_Wallpaper Or Paint Choosing Interiors That Build Value In Your New Home

Your new home is potentially the greatest investment of your life. Taking care of this investment is crucial, so maintaining interiors is a significant part of caring for your home. Making changes is a necessary part of keeping a home’s value steady, and often a new interior color, texture or pattern is just the thing a new home needs to bolster its visual value

Paint: Choosing a Color Scheme

Choosing home colors should be simple. DIY Network advises, “Choosing a color scheme from the largest pattern in the space

If you’ve got patterned upholstery, an Oriental rug or large piece of artwork, pluck colors you like from the pattern.”

Houzz recommends, “Sometimes the best colors can be found right outside your door — in the vegetation and rocks in your landscape.” And as Pacific Northwest citizens, we couldn’t agree more.

Wallpaper: From Faux to Geo

For those more inclined to settle on patterned wallpaper, consider this advice from The Spruce, “If it’s casual, faux finishes such as beadboard and stucco are simple, casual options. Pairing beadboard wallpaper with organic, flowing floral designs also makes for an at-home, relaxed feel.

If it’s contemporary/fashion forward, consider bold geometrics with high gloss and metallic accents. Large-scale and bold florals also make a high-fashion statement this year.”

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