Value Adding Fall Updates To Your Finished Basement

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, September 25, 2017

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_Value Adding Fall Updates To Your Finished Basement

When fall rolls around, so does our collective need to start nesting. Making our spaces more comfortable for the coming wind and rain is something we all have in common. For those with finished basements, the need to update before hazardous weather arrives is pretty critical. Leaks can compromise your basement and cripple your home during storms. Making a few updates could potentially protect your basement and by proxy your home from inclement weather.

Update your concrete basement floors with polished concrete. Polished concrete not only repels water it can provide remarkable insulation qualities, giving your finished basement an even more loveable character.

Lighting elements can create a homey, comforting atmosphere. Consider ceiling fixtures rather than floor lamps to spread warm light evenly to all the dark corners of your basement.

Add a wash of color to a monotone basement to give it a stylish and modern makeover. Designating a statement wall in your basement space brings a dynamic, energetic element that cancels out the subterranean elements of your basement.

When making design choices for your basement, think about the specific needs of your family before you proceed with any aesthetic changes.

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