This Year’s Hottest Trends In Exterior House Colors

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, November 17, 2017

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_This Years Hottest Trends In Exterior House Colors

This year was a doozy for interior design trends. Pale pink was the champion of 2017’s many designs, with shades of champagne and teal making appearances in the small details of living areas, work areas, and outdoor areas. Renovation blogs touted classic pink hues as new and surprising neutrals and paired them with unanticipated complements (think granite grey, charcoal lavender, and cool beige) and modern textiles.

While pink made the rounds in interior design, exterior design was on quite another track, focusing on deep dramatic hues with gravitas and an almost gothic quality. While these trends may seem too austere for some they remain the hottest exterior color trends for the year.

Charcoal with Light Gray Trim

It may sound like a severe color combination, but the result is a sleek, modern finish that compliments colorful landscaping far more beautifully than wan neutrals. A light gray trim brings out the severity of the charcoal while softening it as well. This combination is especially effective on bungalows, cottages and particularly goth-y Victorian homes.

Dark Colors With Natural Details

A richly saturated crimson paired with a glossy dark wood, a verdant green paired with natural stone, or a dusty ochre complimented with bright cedar trim; each of these trends was wildly popular throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Shades of Navy

Drive down any street in Portland and you’ll see a proliferation of newly painted houses in shades of ever-darkening blues. From slate blue with bright white trim to dusty cobalt with pale grey trim, blue was one of the most popular exterior color trends this year.

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