The Way Recalls Affect Used-Car Owners

Posted by on Monday, August 31, 2015

Stonebridge Mortgage Group_How Recalls Impact Used Car Buyers
A certain law prohibits car dealerships from selling a new car if a pending recall on that car has not been performed. However, this law does not apply to used cars. There are ways to make sure the used car you’re planning on purchasing has performed its necessary recalls. Read below on just how to do so:

  • Check for vehicle recalls by accessing the Consumer Reports recall database.
  • Visit the recalls page at
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and look for up-to-date recall information.
  • Call the service department at the local dealer and ask them if there are any open recalls on the car you are planning to buy.
  • Go to the CarFax car history reporting service and use the free recall check service.

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