The Hottest Real Estate Markets in the US

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_The Hottest Real Estate Markets in the US

Millennials ready to buy their first homes may be surprised to learn that more and more, young people are moving away from popular coastal states and toward less trendy Southern and Midwest states. While Portland remains a top choice for young families looking to put down roots, these surprising cities are showing remarkable growth and seeing an upsurge in young, educated, career-focused homebuyers.

Nashville, Tennessee

It’s not just country music lovers seeking to settle down within walking distance of a honky-tonk that fall in love with the charming, down-home city of Nashville. With a burgeoning population of under 35-year-olds and significant job growth, Nashville is quickly becoming a haven for southern-friendly young adults.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Future homeowners with their eyes on North Carolina are likely attracted by the breathtaking landscapes which span Atlantic Ocean beaches to Appalachian Mountains. That only a 26.9% share of income needed to buy a home is another positive selling point.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Midwestern state of Michigan is practically an island, surrounded by great lakes on four sides. Its scenic city of Grand Rapids has a growing millennial population and offers some of Americas most underrated natural landscapes.

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