The Easiest DIY Renovations For First Time Homeowners

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_3 DIY Exterior Upgrades To Increase Your Home's Value

Every first-time homeowner aims to create a space that is unique to them, a space that is theirs alone. From landscaping to interior paint, there are many simple ways to personalize your home. Consider these few projects that may only take a few hours to complete but will leave your home feeling much more “yours.”

Front Door Facelift

New paint on your front door is a perfectly simple way to give your brand new a home a facelift. Popular colors in the Northwest include classic fire-engine red, bright, grass green and rich, deep sapphire.

Paper Your Walls

Removable wallpaper is an inexpensive way to add color and complexity to your walls with minimum commitment. Experiment with trends, colors, textures and more without the obligation of paint or common wallpapers.

Treat Your Windows

Replacing your window treatments can have a significant effect on your living space. The right treatments can diffuse natural light, offer privacy and uplift your space entirely. Think about cellular shades, roller shades or banded shades for a contemporary look.

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