Stay Spring Clean All Year with This Cleaning Schedule

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Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_Stay Spring Clean All Year with This Cleaning Schedule_01One of the biggest things that comes with owning a home is needing to maintain it. Cleaning oftentimes gets put off for longer than it should, which is what leads to the urge to do a deeper spring cleaning each year. However, with a schedule that you regularly stick to, cleaning becomes easier. Letting work pile up always makes it more stressful. Save yourself energy and stress by getting into the habit of daily, weekly, and monthly cleanings.

Things to clean every day

Smaller chores can be done daily, and keep your home looking neat and tidy. Every day, you should:

• Make the bed(s).
• Pick up clothes; throw dirty items in the laundry.
• Clean the bathroom sink and shower after each use.
• Straighten up newspapers, magazines, and other papers.
• Load dishes into the dishwasher after each meal or wash and dry them by hand.
• Clean the sink and wipe the cooking surfaces after each use (including the microwave).
• Wipe down dirty counter tops.
• Empty the garbage in the kitchen.

Things to clean every week

Some more intensive task can wait until once a week. Do these chores less than weekly, and your home can quickly become messy and unkempt.

• Dust furniture, shelves, radiators or air registers, woodwork, pictures, and mirrors.
• Vacuum rugs and floors.
• Vacuum or brush upholstered furniture.
• Empty the wastebaskets around the house.
• Wash bathroom basins, fixtures, and floors.
• Sweep or mop the kitchen floor.
• Clean range or cook top burners.
• Wipe the refrigerator and the front of kitchen cabinets.
• Do laundry.

Things to clean every month

Chores than can wait monthly involve cleaning bigger appliances and furniture to keep everything feeling fresh.

• Vacuum or brush curtains and draperies.
• Clean under and around furniture and appliances.
• Wipe woodwork, windowsills, and walls where needed.
• Dust or brush lampshades and blinds.
• Polish hardwood floors and furniture, if needed.
• Vacuum books and bookshelves.
• Organize or store books, photos, and other loose paraphernalia.
• Vacuum upholstered furniture, cleaning under cushions and in crevices.
• Clean the oven, as needed.
• During the appropriate season, clean the filters on your room air conditioner, dehumidifier, or air purifier.

A home is a big investment in more ways than just the financial cost. Owning a home requires you to put your time and energy into taking care of it. When you do, though, it benefits your greatly. Doing these chores on time every time will allow you to take pride in your home.

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