Private Money Lending

If you can’t qualify for conventional mortgage financing, we may be able to arrange a hard money loan or “collateral based loan”. We have over 20-years of lending experience in Oregon and Washington and our primary focus is to offer creative lending solutions to borrowers who either own real estate or seek to acquire new investment real estate. At Stonebridge Mortgage, we care about our clients and seek to build long-term relationships through transparency, flexible underwriting, and consistent reputable decision making.

We’re willing to look at any credit, property, or employment situation.

  • Yes, we can lend when it is not conventionally financeable
  • We do not require inspections, so homes without power or other issues can be a great way to get a deal
  • Loan durations from 1-month to 2-years+
  • NO Pre-Payment / No Extension Fees
  • Interest Only Payments
  • No Bank statement requirements
  • No Minimum FICO
  • No tax return requirements
  • cross-collateralizing two properties
  • No Pre-payment penalties
  • No Extension fees

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