Safety And Maintenance Issues To Look For In Your Gresham Home

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How To Maintain Your Gresham Home to Keep it Healthy and Safe

A home is a huge responsibility, and one of the things Gresham homeowners need to be prepared for is the task of regular home maintenance. Your home belongs to you, and your pride will show through regular maintenance of your home and the condition in which it is kept. Maintaining your Gresham home is the best way to keep it safe and healthy by assuring that all systems function properly, such as the plumbing and heating, etc. Problems that can arise from neglecting to maintain your Gresham home can include poor air quality (in the form of mold and other allergens), drafts, disease-carrying rodents, and invasive insects. Even problems with dangerous gases, such as radon, may prove a problem in homes that do not have a home maintenance plan in use.

Household cleaning and home maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. Once you get yourself into the habit of looking for and fixing potential problems as soon as they occur, it becomes easier.

Observe Your House for Potential Problems

It starts by observing your home. Take your house in, look at it carefully. When you make yourself familiar with your Gresham home, you will know where potential problems are likely to arise. This makes the continued task of maintaining your Gresham home easier as time goes on.

Look for texture or color changes. Look for things that aren’t level. When you walk, does the floor seems soft or unstable? Does it make a noise? Touch discolored areas to see if they are damp. Smell for musty odors. Do you or your family members sneeze or get headaches in certain areas of your home?

Here’s a guide of 9 areas to observe as you inspect your home for potential problem areas:

  1. Siding at lower levels, deck connections, under windows and doors, around the chimney.
  2. Sagging or cracked masonry stoop, steps, or foundation; erosion.
  3. High-stress windows and doors, sills, and caps, i.e., those without overhangs or with southern exposure or without storms or gutters.
  4. Trim around the chimney, under roof valleys, under poorly hung gutters, at corners or ends, discolored or mildewed wood.
  5. Water that collects or runs toward the house.
  6. Floors that are soft, unstable, or discolored near exterior doors; in bathrooms around toilets and tubs; cracking kitchen tiles.
  7. Discolored or peeling paint inside or out.
  8. Cracks in walls, especially emanating from window and door corners.
  9. Basement or crawlspace water or sweating ductwork.

The more you take care of your Gresham home, the more it will take care of you. Knowing that your home is functioning properly to keep you and your family safe and healthy will put you at ease and allow you to enjoy your home to the fullest. Once you have identified problem areas around your home that require maintenance, follow with these easy tips for maintaining your Gresham home.

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