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Stonebridge Mortgage Group_Room by Room Lightbulb Guide
Stonebridge Mortgage Group is a Portland, Oregon home financing company that values communication. Home financing shouldn’t be an intimidating process. We work on your behalf and ensure you understand your mortgage process every step of the way.  Stonebridge would like to share some great tips for deploying the best bulb for every home situation below.

Kitchen and dining area

Task lighting. Mount dimmable, adjustable undercabinet LED fixtures near the cabinet front to direct light down and back to put light where you’ll be working, but if you have granite or another shiny countertop there can be some reflected glare—bright spots of light from the LEDs. Need to know: Cut countertop glare by using LED fixtures with diffusers to soften the light. “And if your backsplash is white or another highly reflective surface, place the undercabinet LED fixtures upfront but aim them toward the backsplash to lessen glare and allow the light to bounce off the backsplash and illuminate the work surface, ” says Terry McGowan, a Cleveland-based lighting designer and director of engineering for the American Lighting Association. Overhead lights. Dimmable LEDs for recessed lighting can provide directional task lighting and general lighting. “The most common mistake that I’ve seen—even builders do it—is a recessed fixture with a bulb hanging, creating a huge amount of glare,” says Robin Muto, a lighting designer in Rochester, New York. Need to know: A true recessed light means that the lightbulb is recessed too. And the color of the can’s interior, which surrounds the bulb, affects light output and the color of the can’s interior, which surrounds the bulb, affects light output and light color. A shiny metal reflector casts the most light but increases glare. A black interior reduces glare but absorbs light so you might prefer brighter bulbs. Bulbs to consider: Any of the recommended BR30 LEDs, including the Great Value (Walmart) 65W Soft White Dimmable LED, $11, Feit Electric 65 Watt Replacement Flood LED, $10, both are CR Best Buys, and the $14Philips SlimStyle.

Family room

Use a ceiling fan with a light or recessed lights for general lighting, lamps at different heights and sizes to create an intimate look, track or recessed directional lighting to accent art, wall sconces for added light, and LED tape lighting on cabinet shelves to showcase books and your favorite pieces. Need to Know: “Avoid a light above the TV as it will influence the quality of what you’re seeing,” says Rey-Barreau, adding that recessed lights should be off when you’re watching TV. Use bulbs within a 200-degree Kelvin range of other bulbs in the room to minimize noticeable differences in light color in one room. Bulbs to consider: For 60-watt replacement bulbs for lamps and open ceiling fixtures, top pick LEDs include the Samsung A19 Warm White, $14. It provides warm yellow light, and the Feit Electric A19/OM/800, $7.50, for whiter light. It’s a CR Best Buy and works in enclosed fixtures.


Recessed lighting isn’t ideal as you don’t want to be looking up from your bed at a glaring light. A ceiling fixture lets you hit a switch for on/off light, and dimmers on your bedside lamps allow you to adjust light within a range of comfortable settings. Skip CFLs in children’s bedrooms. Horsing around may cause a lamp to crash to the floor, a concern since CFLs contain small amounts of mercury. Need to know: Use warmer light color, around 2700K, to minimize blue light. Your eyes are especially sensitive to it, and studies have shown that exposure to any light at night is associated with an increased risk of sleep problems, according to our medical experts. Bulbs to consider: For lamps or ceiling fixtures, most of the top picks cast warm light, including the dimmable Philips SlimStyle 60W A19 Soft White. It’s $7 and a CR Best Buy, but can’t be used in a fully enclosed fixture. For that, consider the Feits.

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