Resolutions To Keep If You Are Selling Your House This Year

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Happy New Year! What are your resolutions this year? If your goal is to sell your house there are a few resolutions you should add to help you with your goal. Here are a few suggestions.


No one wants to buy your clutter, or try to determine what the house looks like without it. So it’s crucial that you toss, donate, gift, or recycle anything you don’t love or use. This is also true for those hidden areas like your closets and cabinets. Yes, buyers are nosy. They will open closed doors and poke their heads in these areas.

When the cupboards and closets are full to bursting, the perception is that the home has inadequate storage spaces. Neat and tidy closets give a more desirable impression.

But even if you purge the clutter, it has a way of slowly sneaking back in, so you should develop some habits to keep it at bay. For instance, rather than let your mail pile up, vow to deal with it every day. For any paper statements or bills you receive regularly, sign up for electronic versions or automatic payments to stem the wave of papers flooding your mailbox to a trickle.


Open homes are a necessary inconvenience when you’re selling your home. Keeping up with clutter and cleaning during the week will make a big difference.

It’s pretty simple. Even an attractive well-priced home won’t sell if it smells rank. It can be as subtle as the presence of pets, bathroom mildew or a more serious odour issue. Scented candles and sprays can mask smells, but it’s best to root out the source.

If the problem is pet urine, there are sprays that break down these molecules. If that doesn’t work, toss the rug or replace that section of flooring. If the offender is food odours, vow to take out the garbage more often and air out the house after cooking.

If the smell of mildew pervades your home, install a fan to vent the room, and leave the doors to your bathrooms open to get more air. You can also get a dehumidifier. To keep mold from growing, indoor humidity should linger 30 to 60 per cent.


We know it’s hard to keep your place picture-perfect for buyers all the time, but it’s well worth the pain and suffering.

You might not want to spend the money up-front to get a really thorough professional cleaning but odds are you’ll recoup that expenditure several times over.

Once the home has been deep-cleaned, here’s what you can do to maintain that sparkling look:

* Have a broom or mop at the ready to quickly wipe up dust and stains from timber floors.
* Keep the windows clean — it makes the house look well-cared for and lets in more light.
* If you’ve got kids or pets, keep an eye out for wall marks and smudges.
* Develop a five-minute clean-up plan. Keep a basket nearby where you can swipe the contents of your kitchen benchtop, desk or anything else you want to vanish quickly.

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