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Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, November 23, 2015

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Thanks to Amazon Prime many people have been enjoying free shipping from Amazon for the last decade. Amazon Prime’s $99-a-year service is nearly the same price (when broken down per month) as Netflix but with many more perks. With thousands of TV shows, movies, music, e-books and unlimited cloud photo storage it is clear Amazon Prime has much to offer and there is more! Learn more about the latest and greatest perks included in your Amazon Prime membership below.

Members also get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals on Amazon, and can shop on 30 minutes before other customers for things such as designer duds from the likes of Burberry, Fendi, and Hermès. There are periodic teasers, too, including Prime Day, a one-day, members-only global shopping event last June that touted more deals than on Black Friday.

Then there’s the latest perk, Prime Now, an app-enabled service that offers shoppers in 16 metropolitan areas ultra-quick delivery. If you want, say, paper towels or a container of milk, you can get it in an hour for $7.99 per order or in two hours for free. The service is available for tens of thousands of items, including television sets and Kindles. In some locales, you can even browse menus of participating restaurants, place orders, track the status of a delivery, and watch as the driver travels from the restaurant to the delivery address in real time.

So what’s to complain about? Actually, not much. But if you don’t care about streaming services and photo storage, and enjoy paperbacks more than e-books, you’re paying for benefits you’ll never use. If you routinely spend at least $35 per order, Amazon offers free, albeit slower, delivery. If you don’t shop online enough, a Prime membership could end up being pretty expensive—the more you shop, the more economical the membership fee becomes. Amazon Prime might also be a disappointment if you mostly do business with independent third-party vendors that operate out of the Amazon Marketplace. Many of those purchases are not fulfilled by Amazon and, thus, not eligible for free Prime shipping.

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