Prepping Your Home For Sale With PEX Piping

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_Prepping Your Home For Sale With PEX Piping

In Portland homes, kitchen and bathroom renovations have practically become required prior to selling a home. These renovations can increase the value of a home and serve as unique selling points when performed with home fashion trends in mind. The obligatory plumbing system upgrades that play into these renovations can improve plumbing for the foreseeable future. If you are prepping a home to sell, consider replacing aging plumbing with PEX piping for these three reasons:

Easier to Install

PEX plumbing installations require fewer fittings than rigid piping. The flexible tubing can turn 90-degree corners without the need for elbow fittings, and PEX tubing unrolled from spools can be installed in long runs without the need for coupling fittings.

Safe for Your Health and Your Home

Additionally, fitting PEX tubes does not require soldering, eliminating the health hazards involved with lead-based solder and acid fluxes; PEX is also safer to install since a torch is not needed to make connections.

Energy Efficient

PEX resists the scale build-up common with copper pipe, does not pit or corrode when exposed to acidic water, is much more resistant to freeze-breakage than copper or rigid plastic pipe, and does not transfer heat as readily as copper, conserving energy.

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