Preparing For A Home Appraisal Inspection

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Preparing Your Gresham Home for an Appraisal Inspection

When you’re ready to have the value of your Gresham home appraised, you’ll want to prepare before inviting an appraiser into your home. An appraiser will examine your property on an objective basis and determine its market value. This value will be based on such factors as the condition of the property, the functionality of utilities, where the house is geographically located, and so on. Gresham homeowners can affect the overall value of their property by addressing any issues or problems they notice with the property before getting an inspection for a home appraisal.

Remember that the appraiser is a guest in your home. You want to put your best foot forward and present your Gresham home in the best light possible.

Make Sure the Property Is Open and Accessible

Clean any areas relevant to the appraiser’s inspection. They should have easy access to the areas of the home they need to inspect. Additionally, make sure your Gresham home looks presentable. First impressions are everything, so treat your appraiser like a guest and make your home look clean and inviting.

Beautify Your Home with Small Cosmetic Changes

Touching up paint or replacing outdated furniture can boost the appraiser’s impression of your Gresham home. Everyday wear and tear on furniture can make it seem poorly kept, which will lower the appraiser’s opinion of your home. The more up-to-date your home seems, the better.

Update Technology

Your Gresham home will seem more practical and efficient with up-to-date technology. This puts less wear-and-tear on the property as opposed to relying on 50-year old furnaces and refrigerators that are not as energy-efficient as their contemporary equivalents.

Make a List of Small Necessary Repairs

To keep track of all the small repairs that need doing, make yourself a list. It can be easy to overlook a broken window, faulty doorbell, or chipped paint. Go through your home and make a list so you remember each item before inviting an appraiser into your Gresham home.

Update the Landscaping

Replace dead plants and grass. Trim the hedges and mow the lawn. Not only will this look good to an appraiser, but it will boost the curb appeal of your Gresham home.

Check On Utilities

It’s important to make sure that all the utilities like gas, water, and electricity are functioning properly before the appraiser checks them out for him or herself, along with any carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Checking on these utilities is not only a necessary step towards preparing for an appraisal,  it is also a matter of safety, so it should always be a priority.

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