Portland’s Most Exciting Suburbs

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, September 22, 2017

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As Portland’s population explodes. many longtime residents find themselves unable to keep up with the rising rents and quickly gentrifying neighborhoods. This has resulted in a boom in suburban growth in towns like Happy Valley, Gresham, and St Helens. These small towns are full of personality and potential, and as each of them grows, we expect to see great things.

First-time homebuyers with small children feeling a bit overwhelmed by the median home prices in Portland may find sanctuary in St Helens, a suburb approximately 40 minutes outside of Portland along the Columbia River. This quaint suburb has a vibrant downtown area that sits right alongside the Columbia River and is perfect for families who value outdoor activities.

Those who want to own a home without being too far from Portland proper may want to consider buying a home in the neighboring suburb of Gresham. Gresham and Portland share a border and though Gresham is sprawling, it remains only a few minutes from Portland via freeway. Gresham is a great option for multicultural families with school-aged children, as many of the culturally diverse Portland neighborhoods have relocated to areas of Happy Valley and Gresham.

Milwaukee is a stone’s throw from Southeast Portland and has the same creative vibe as its neighbor. Many families find sanctuary in Milwaukee and its insulated township, though it remains very Portland-esque.

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