Neat Solar Powered Gadgets That You Could Own

Posted by on Monday, August 31, 2015

Stonebridge Mortgage Group_12 Awesome Solar Powered Gadgets That Every Home Should Be Using
According to the EPA, the average yearly electric bill for residences in the United States was over $1,300, which can really add up. Expensive electric bills and a huge demand for fossil-fuel-based power providers is unneeded. Solar power provides energy that is cleaner and more sustainable, but not many can afford to mount solar panels on their homes. Here are some handy devices that will let you take Solar energy into your hands.

  • Creative Edge Solar Cell Phone Charger ($30)

  • XD Design Solar Window Charger ($20)

  • Swiftly Done Peel-n-Stick Outdoor Solar Lights ($17)

  • Etekcity Solar Lantern ($18)

  • Sunnytech Solar-Powered Reading Lamp and USB Charger ($20)

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