Millennial Homeownership; Buying Young

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, July 31, 2017

Stonebridge Mortage Group_Millennial Homeownership; Buying Young

The newest generation to enter the workforce certainly have the chips stacked against them. While tuitions and living costs rise, entry level wages stagnate and degrees hold less and less influence. Side hustles have become significant sources of income and day jobs seem more and more just a way to keep the lights on.

The idea of homeownership can seem like a fantasy to younger folks, but with a little guidance and the full view of the vast options open to potential homebuyers, they may find themselves for closer to buying their own homes than they imagined.

Consulting with a mortgage professional is the first step. It all too simple to resign oneself to the idea that homeownership is out of reach, especially when you’re young, but you may be shocked to discover the opportunities available to first-time buyers. Setting up a meeting with a trusted mortgage pro as well as a real estate agent should be your first step – that is after you spend a few hours/weeks/months fixating on your local real estate listings and fantasizing appropriately.

If your dream is homeownership, but your generation has been shunted to the back of the fiduciary importance scale, the most important thing you can be is committed to your dream. Our excellent mortgage pros can help you get there, but the first step is up to you. Contact Stonebridge today and let us help make your dream a reality.

We’ve got the welcome mat all ready for you.

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