Making a House a Home; Three Tips For Resellers and Novice Renovators

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, August 4, 2017

tone_Bridge_Mortgage_Making a House a Home; Three Tips For Resellers and Novice Renovators

Finding a home to renovate and resell can be the best experience of your life or one you’d rather forget. Whether you’re first time homeowners, renovating the house of your dreams, or a novice reseller looking to maximize your investments, these tips will help steer your project into the “excellent experience zone” and away from the “nightmare zone.”

The first and arguably most important tip is to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Bargain shopping for services like roofing, flooring, landscaping etc. will likely cause you headaches in the long run. Do your project a favor and rely on positive reviews, smart portfolios with detailed descriptions of past projects, and cheerful workers – these are all signs of a great contractor.

If your project is a DIY enterprise, be as educated as possible when pricing materials – bargain basement building materials may, in fact, let you down. If your project requires materials that are out of your budget, look for alternatives to the project rather than the components.

The second tip is to dedicate time and effort to your entire renovation plan – on paper. Creating and executing a renovation plan is big work! Make sure you’ve considered every variable, every eventuality, and every possible outcome before you start swinging a sledgehammer.

The third tip is to do your homework. Talk to your contractors, visit your local library, do whatever it takes to stay on top of all the chaos that a renovation can present.

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