Low-Cost Fencing Options To Boost Your Home’s Value

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, October 23, 2017

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_Low-Cost Fencing Options To Boost Your Home's Value

Good fences may make good neighbors, but great fences make home values rise. Choosing a fence for your home that both compliments your landscaping and effectively supports your privacy takes a bit of consideration, especially when your options are limited by your budget.

Fencing matters tremendously when considering the sale of your home. In Portland, a huge percent of new home buyers are dog owners and/or parents of small children. Fencing will be a priority for these home buyers, so taking the time to choose a fence for your property will indeed elevate your home’s saleability.

Aluminum fencing is one of the popular forms of fencing seen in new Portland, and what it lacks in security it can make up for in attractiveness. This type of fencing is affordable and highly customizable, making it a top trend in modern landscaping, but severe weather can damage this type of fencing so invest accordingly.

PVC fencing is quite low-cost and can imitate the more classic silhouette of wood fencing while maintaining its pristine looks for far more seasons than a typical low-cost wood fence.

When opting for a traditional wooden fence, keep in mind that the prices can fluctuate wildly depending on the height, length, and type of wood used. Wood remains the nation’s overall most popular fencing option, resulting in more varied options than other fencing materials.

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