Interpreting The Portland Housing Market

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, September 15, 2017

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For novice home buyers and experienced real estate gurus alike, the housing market can be a tricky market to predict. There are numerous things that influence the cost of real estate and they are ever changing. Variables can be easily forecasted or they can come from seemingly nowhere, but by employing a few tricks, the novice home owner can learn to anticipate market trends, opportunities, and perks.

Know your neighborhood — Examining the projections for the area you’re considering buying into will set you on the path to anticipate market trends. Consider how the area has grown or diminished over the past few decades and see if your projections line up. Areas like St Johns, Portsmouth and Kenton have seen remarkable growth, but still, afford areas of lower income. Examining the growth pattern of these areas can inform many of your real estate buying decisions.

Do your homework — Portland has experienced a great deal of growth in a very short amount of time. Study other metropolitan markets that also had quick, remarkable growth. How did they sustain growth and how did that growth impact real estate? Compare these findings to the growth rate in Portland proper. Do they line up? You may find it easier to predict growth trends when you see them play out in other parts of the country.

Ask questions — Finding a trusted agent and mortgage professional will greatly increase your chances of successfully predicting and buying into the Portland housing market. At Stonebridge, we welcome the chance to advise anyone on their path to home ownership.

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