Ideas For Your Porch This Summer: Update Your Numbers

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stonebridge_Ideas For Your Porch This Summer_Update Your Numbers

Everyone knows curb appeal is everything when trying to sell a house, and summertime is the time to show off how beautiful your house can be! You want it to be welcoming and the front porch is the first thing people see! The sixth thing you can do is update the numbers on your house.

6. By the numbers

One thing people seldom think about changing are the actual numbers on their house—most still display the original ones the builder installed! But new numbers can contribute a lot of personality with minimal effort.

“I like to pick styles that reflect the age and style of the home, such as crisp sans-serif numerals on a midcentury house, or a traditional post-mounted mailbox in front of a colonial home,” Garlough says. “I live in an 1860s Victorian row house, so we went with gold house numbers on the windows and an ornate iron mailbox that gives the front stoop a very vintage feel.”

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