Ideas For Your Porch This Summer #3

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, July 14, 2017

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Everyone knows Curb appeal is everything when trying to sell a house, and summertime is the time to show off how beautiful your house can be! You want it to be welcoming and the front porch is the first thing people see! The third thing you can do is add a great rug and a fresh welcome mat. Show off how the front porch can be a living area in itself!

3. Rugs, rugs, and more rugs

Many of the designers we spoke to suggested rugs as a way to brighten up porches.

“We can’t overemphasize how much of a difference a rug can make on a porch,” says Deborah Holt of Sunnyland Patio Furniture in Dallas. “It complements patio furniture, it feels great on bare feet, lets your guests know you’ve got it more than pulled together, and it’s a great way to hide any scuffs or scratches your porch might have,” she says.

And don’t forget that welcome mat, either. “A clean, well-kept mat makes the porch feel like part of the residence rather than the outdoors,” Garlough says. “I like a classic monogrammed mat made of coir (coconut fiber). Not only does it look crisp, it helps to brush dirt from your shoes as you step into the house.”

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