How To Tell If Your Home Needs New Insulation

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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As we land smack dab in the middle of our cold and rainy season, it’s crucial for your home’s insulation to be dependable and protected. When cold season peaks, whether you’re buying or selling a home, insulation will be a key factor in a successful sale.  Look for these red flags to determine if your insulation requires an inspection.

Do the “touch test.”

If your walls feel dry and warm on days with the heaviest rain, sleet or snow, it’s likely your insulation is in good condition. Conversely, when drywall and paneling feel damp or cold, insulation is either lacking or has been compromised.

Audit your energy bill.

If your energy bills spike considerably during winter months, and the use of space heaters increases, you may need to inspect your level of insulation. Space heaters running throughout the day and into the nights, or baseboard electric heaters doing the same is terrible for your electric bills and indicative of your home being unable to contain heat. A lack of proper insulation is the likely culprit.

Check for drafts.

When a chilly draft becomes a fixture in any part of your home, it is a clear sign of a lack of proper insulation. Damp, chilly winds penetrating your home will do more than just lower your temperatures and increase your heating and power bills, they can cause structural damage to your home if unchecked.

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