How Ready Are You To Move Into Your Dream Home?

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, October 27, 2017

Stone Bridge Mortgage Group_How Ready Are You To Move Into Your Dream Home

Despite all our shop-happy impulses, buying a home is a life-altering event that should not be rushed into. House hunting can quickly go from a diligent exercise in research and deliberation to something more akin to cruising your supermarket cereal aisle. When developers are buying and flipping Portland homes at an astonishing rate, with astonishing speed, knowing precisely what you’re getting into is important, and your decisions shouldn’t be made on superficial elements like exterior color or pristine landscaping. Look deeply at these three factors for each home that has piqued your interest, and you’ll find your choices far more agreeable in the long run.

Meet a Few Neighbors—The folks you’ll be running into every morning for the next few decades might be your new best pals, or they might be somehow repellant, but you won’t know until you meet them. Besides knocking on doors with plates of cookies and warm introductions, visit the neighborhood park, grocery store, school, and coffee shop to get a real feel for the community. Investigate the HOA or co-op if one exists and learn as much as you can about recent upgrades and/or maintenance.

Read Up—Your lender, broker, agent or lawyer should catch any documentation inconsistencies or red flags, but that’s no excuse for you, the homebuyer to not learn as much as you can about the home you are about to buy; its history, its former residents, and all possible damage can all be gleaned from deliberately studying every piece of information related to your potential home.

Find a Reputable Home Inspector—To that end, make sure all of your inspectors are highly recommended and meticulous. If there is even the slightest structural damage to your potential home, it could become a point of negotiation or a warning to move on to the next home.

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