5 Hotel Scams That Could Ruin Your Next Vacation

Posted by bmedia on Sunday, June 28, 2015


Wow, I’d never thought of some of these. A fake delivery menu in your room they can steal your credit card info when you call to order? I’ve heard of this one:


Be wary of free public Wi-Fi connections, even if the network sounds legit. People will trip over themselves to get free Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, criminals will use this to their advantage. Wi-Fi skimming involves using a free Wi-Fi network to steal information from unsuspecting people, and sadly, it’s becoming more and more prevalent. The scammer simply sets up a hotspot named “Free Wi-Fi” in a hotel, park, or popular public area. Once you start using the connection, any data you use will be sent directly to the host/scammer’s computer. This means the offender will have access to your usernames and passwords of your favorite websites.


Read about the other scams and ways to avoid them at:  http://goo.gl/WhPJrm

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