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Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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If you are planning on putting your home on the market this spring, you should be planning for and scheduling any renovations you intend to make today. Renovations can add important features to your home, increasing value and appeal, but it is important to choose the right renovation projects. 

One thing we know for certain is that a poorly executed renovation is worthless. Do a thorough walkthrough of your home — inside and out — and decide what needs to be done before you’re able to put it on the market:

• Do any walls require a new paint job? It’s usually best to have neutral-coloured, clean walls. If there are scuffs, holes or cracks, it’s a good idea to cover them with a fresh coat of plaster and paint.

• Are the carpets stained? A good professional carpet cleaner can usually take care of that — however, if the stain is deep, it may be best to consider getting a new carpet or a different flooring option.

• Is your basement a dungeon? It’s more and more common to have a finished basement, which can be used as extra living space. If yours is simply being used for storage, it might be time to make some changes. Add flooring, power outlets, insulate, paint the walls and make the space feel cozy.

• Do the sinks drain properly, with no leaky pipes? Plumbing is one of the first things a serious buyer will look at when visiting your home. Make sure everything is running smoothly to get closer to a sale. Once you’ve determined what needs to be done, decide what work you’re able to do yourself and what will require a professional.

Regardless of which methods are used, most home improvement projects turn into positive ones if done properly. Here are the Top 3 home improvement projects that can also increase the value of your home:

 Kitchen remodelling

Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchens, which tend to be the main gathering areas for families. Whether it’s to cook, do the dishes, eat meals or socialize, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Many older homes have outdated kitchens, which can include old wallpaper and even older appliances. One way to immediately improve a kitchen’s appearance is to paint the walls and cabinets. Cabinets can be painted, stained, or even given new door fronts, without breaking the budget. Once these steps are completed, you can look into purchasing new appliances — and even flooring, if needed.

Outdoor landscaping

The first thing a potential buyer will see, even before entering the home, is the exterior of the property. Having a well-maintained lawn and landscape can make the home look newer and more valuable. Planting trees, bushes and flowers in strategic locations can impact the appearance of the home in a positive way. Other than simply adding shrubbery, many people now choose to accent the home with stones and ceramic figurines. Likewise, older homes often need trees and bushes removed. Now is the time to be planning your spring planting and pruning strategy.

New windows

Windows are often forgotten when thinking about remodelling. However, the windows of a home are the only things that can be viewed from both the outside and inside. Older windows do not have as tight a seal as newer ones. Changing the windows will give the home a newer feel. Inside the home, you will notice a difference in the amount of air coming in from the outside, resulting in lower energy bills. There’s still time before the busy spring selling season to make some big improvements to your home. Get an early start and put all the chances on your side for a successful, speedy sale! 

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