Home Renovation Trends For Families With Small Children

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, January 26, 2018

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_Home Renovation Trends For Families With Small Children

The most popular home renovations in 2017 were updates to kitchens, bathrooms, and family spaces. Kitchens all across the Willamette Valley were retro-fitted with ultra-modern appliances, bathrooms were re-tiled in classic, sophisticated geometric styles, and shared family spaces were updated with these brilliant changes meant to increase the safety and comfort of families raising small children:

Quiet Spaces

A reading nook, a window seat or, for the more ambitious, a hidden study, are ways to increase the value of a home you intend to market to families or to improve the quality of the space your family already has.

Smart Storage

Kids come with a lot of random stuff; endless toys both beloved and forgotten, tiny pairs of shoes that pepper walkways waiting to trip unsuspecting shufflers, and mountains of cold weather gear that for the majority of the year is a legitimate necessity. Built-in storage spaces in entryways and hallways and renovations to existing closet spaces will make the clutter far more bearable.

Junior Gardens

Just as a decorative native garden will increase your home’s curb appeal, a designated plot for junior gardeners will increase your home’s overall charm.

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