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Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, August 14, 2017

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Congratulations! Owning your first home is a huge accomplishment and the great task of making your new house into your forever home is an equally consuming operation. Taking your new house from freshly staged property to a reflection of your personality takes effort and planning, but there are a few tips and tricks that can make the experience one you will relish.

Buyers of properties in need of dire rejuvenation have two roads to look down — relying solely on contracted skilled work such as electric, plumbing, and carpentry, or taking matters into your hands and rehabbing as much of your house as you can. Knowing when to outsource a task will prove to be your biggest asset, so first and foremost, research your local journeymen and select professionals with proven results.

When endeavoring to DIY as much of your home improvement as possible, remember these caveats:

You get what you pay for — keep this in mind when choosing materials for your renovation. What might seem like a cost-effective option when choosing lumber or other building materials may prove to be quite the opposite. Consult with your material providers to locate the highest quality materials for your budget.

Make detailed planning the cornerstone of your projects. You don’t want to improvise when you’ve got power tools and big ideas.

Integrate measurements, materials, and alternatives in your planning and only initiate your renovations once you’re secure in your plans.

Plan your base camp. If your renovations have the potential to keep your new home uninhabitable, make sure you’re plan B for temporary housing is firmly in place, be it a rented RV in the driveway or a tent pitched in the backyard, be prepared for every eventuality.

Before the process of building out your dream house begins, finding and financing the property for you is the main goal. Contact Stonebridge Mortgage to evaluate your options and get your dream house ball rolling!

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