Guide to Buying a Washing Machine

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Taking Care of the Laundry

Doing laundry may be a tiresome chore, but it would be much harder without a reliable washing machine to depend on. Washing machines are important to every home, and buying a new one can be an interesting experience.

Washing machines typically cost anywhere between $275 to $2,500, depending on the type, capacity, and features. Deciding which features are right for you is key to purchasing the right washing machine.

But how can you decide which is the best option for you? How do different washing machine types compare against one another?


Picking the Right Washing Machine

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure this out alone. Consumer Reports ran a study to compare various washing machine types, rating them based on the following criteria:

– How well they removed stains
– How gentle they were on fabrics
– The amount of water and energy the machine uses
– The noise level of the machine

According to Consumer Reports, every type of washer has its advantages and disadvantages. When comparing the most standard types of machine, this is what they found:


Agitator Top-Loaders

• Usually your least expensive option.
• Cycle times are typically shorter.
• Cleaning is often rated Good, meaning they should clean a typically soiled load well. (They have a tougher time with heavy stains or soil, so pretreat.)

• Many are tough on fabrics.
• They typically use a lot more water.
• Dryer times are often longer (the washer’s tub can’t spin as fast as other washer types, so less water is extracted).
• Most are noisy.


High-Efficiency (HE) Top-Loaders

• Cleaning is often rated Very Good.
• Capacities are bigger than those of most agitator top-loaders.
• They use less water than many agitator washers and extract more of it, shortening dryer time.
• Most are relatively quiet.

• Wash times are long, often 60 to 80 minutes using the normal wash/heavy soil setting. (Save time using the normal soil setting.)
• Most aren’t gentle on fabrics.
• Laundry can tangle because of the low water level, longer wash time, and higher spin speed.
• Higher-capacity models may have deep tubs, making it difficult for some users to reach the bottom and grab that stray sock.



• Cleaning is typically excellent or very good.
• They’re gentler on fabrics.
• They use the least water.
• Dryer time is often shorter. (The front-loader uses less water and extracts more of it, saving energy.)
• Most can be stacked with their matching dryer to save space.

• Wash times are long, often 60 to 120 minutes using normal wash/heavy soil setting.
• Some transmit vibrations to the floor (not a concern with concrete floors, unlike wood floors).
• Mold can be a problem with any type of washer, and consumers continue to post comments on this site about front-loaders with mold.


Compact Front-Loaders

• Their 24-inch width makes them an option when space is tight. Height and depth vary.
• Can be stacked with their matching electric dryer to save floor space.

• Most compacts sold are front-loaders, not top-loaders, limiting your options—and not everyone is a fan of front-loaders.
• Matching compact dryers are electric (vented or ventless). Gas models are not available at this time.
• They’re small but expensive, ranging from $750 to $2,400 plus the dryer.
• Cycle times are long for washer and dryer, especially ventless dryers.
• They tend to vibrate, some more than others.


The Importance of a Washing Machine to Your Home

Having the right washing machine can affect more than just how well you’re able to do laundry. Those looking to sell or purchase a home should pay close attention to the appliances, such as washing machines. A newer appliance can raise the value of the home, making it more appealing to potential buyers. If you’re looking to sell and want to increase the value of your home, replacing some majot appliances can be helpful. On the other hand, to those looking to purchase a home, a washing machine that hasn’t been replaced in a while could be a liability. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a home only to need to replace something as important as a washing machine soon after.


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