Good Photo’s Really Help Sell Your Home

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Selling your house is a tricky procedure. Attracting buyers to your home is important and using attractive pictures is an important step. Pictures of your home are often potential buyers first impression so hiring a professional photographer may be in your best interest for selling your house. 

Here’s what he does think sells homes: professional photography. And he is not the only one. Hugh Saffa, a former software developer and photography hobbyist, started taking freelance real estate photos back in 2011 before launching HS Media in Thornhill, Ont.

He says when he first started, he was one of only a handful of photographers in the city doing professional real estate shots. The last time he checked, there were more than 40. Rates range from $80 for a basic condo to $2,000 for a spectacular home with many rooms.

He is not surprised that more realtors are booking professional photographers, particularly in markets where buyers from other provinces or even overseas make up a portion of sales. But even in that case, he thinks showing too many photos can hurt a sale. Instead, it pays to focus on a few spectacularly lit shots of the best rooms.

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