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Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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Still in need of some gift ideas, but worried that any “cool” gift will break your budget? Here are a few top-products that would make a great gift and won’t drain your bank account.

Oregon Scientific Wireless BBQ/Oven AW131, $40

This holiday, let your meat monitor itself while you enjoy your guests. The probe of this digital thermometer remains in the roast while it cooks, constantly reading the temperature while the oven door stays closed. When the desired doneness is reached, the wireless receiver beeps two times and says, “It’s done.” Transmission range is about 160 feet. Well-­done, wouldn’t you say?

Vornado SRTH, $45

Have an always-­cold office mate on your gift list? She’ll thank you for this small­-enough-­to-­fit-­under-­a-­desk personal heater. It’s quiet, draws less power than larger units, and aced our fire-­safety test. Just don’t expect it to heat a whole room.

Clear20 CWS100A Water Filter, $30

This budget­-friendly carafe­-style water filter does the job of built­in models at a tenth of the price. It was excellent in our tests at capturing lead and chloroform—a surrogate for organic compounds such as atrazine and benzene, as well as for particulates in water that give it a bad taste. One caveat: Some user reviews cite trouble connecting the Clear2O to their faucet, so an additional hose extension may be needed.

Crane Owl Humidifier, $45

New baby in someone’s life? This humidifier from Crane’s Adorables line is top-­rated for its excellent output and is super­-quiet, too. Crane’s menagerie also includes penguins, tigers, polar bears, and more.

Speakman Reaction Showerhead, $25

Whether or not your intended giftee is a morning person, he or she will appreciate this super showerhead. A satisfying soak, low water use, and fun colors make this low­-flow showerhead an easy and attractive way to save water. Our staffers preferred the feel and forcefulness of the 2.5­-gallon-per-­minute version over the 2­-gpm one, though about half said they’d buy either version—and that was before we told them how inexpensive it is. Available with a translucent blue, green, or gray frame.

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