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The First Step to Buying a Home

When you’re considering buying a home for the first time, it may seem more fun to start looking at houses right away, but it isn’t practical. Before you start shopping around for the perfect Gresham home, you should get pre-approved first. Once you’ve been pre-approved, it will be easier to look for homes in the Gresham area that are within your budget.

Why Is It Useful to Get a Pre-Approval First?

During the pre-approval process, you will be able to discuss loan options and budgeting, allowing you to get a more solid idea of what kind of home you can afford in Gresham. Once you decide on a mortgage lender, they will first check your credit rating and alert you to any problems that need to be fixed. Once those issues have been resolved, your lender can proceed with determining your maximum loan limit.

Your maximum pre-approved loan limit gives you the ceiling for determining how much home you can afford in the Gresham area. It isn’t wise to automatically assume you should use up to the max of the loan, however. Take into account how much your monthly payment will be and if you’re comfortable with that. If you’re not, aim for a house being sold at a lower price.

It should also be noted that those looking to sell a home will be more impressed by potential buyers who have been pre-approved. This means that they know you are more committed to the buying process and are prepared to follow through with a sale and may be more willing to negotiate with you.

Shopping for a Home in Gresham? Get Pre-Approved Online with Stonebridge Mortgage

Our online pre-approval application is convenient and one of the many ways Stonebridge Mortgage Group helps homebuyers in Gresham with the home buying process.

If you’re ready to get pre-approved for a home loan, Stonebridge Mortgage Group makes it convenient to apply online. Our online application makes it easy to get pre-approved so you can start shopping around for your new home. Get started on your pre-approval application now!

Stonebridge Mortgage Group Can Help with Pre-Approval and Other Mortgage Services in Gresham

For professional assistance with mortgages and related services, look no further than Stonebridge Mortgage Group. You can rely on Stonebridge Mortgage Group to help guide you through the home buying process. We help get you pre-approved for a mortgage and assist with real estate loans and other mortgage solutions, both residential and commercial. Stonebridge Mortgage Group serves the greater Portland area and is located in Gresham, Oregon. Don’t wait! We can help you get started with the home buying process today.

You can also visit us or call us for assistance with your pre-approval application.


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