Flipping Homes For Co-Living Residences

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, January 12, 2018

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_3 Home Renovations That Appeal To Millennial Buyers

One of the biggest trends in development today is creating spaces that cater to co-living. Co-habitation, not in the romantic partner sense but in the long-term roommate sense has become a vital trend in new development as well as home renovation prior to selling. As more and more millennials look for housing in densely populated urban areas, homes, apartments, and condos that are designed for comfortable co-living become more and more popular. If you’re preparing to renovate a home, consider these three tips to make it attractive to buyers or renters who prefer co-living.

Add A Bathroom

If your renovation project does not include more than one bathroom, reconsider. While a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home may be attractive to a small family or young couple, providing multiple toilets will make your home more attractive to multiple residents.

Make Communal Spaces a Priority

A large garden area, an open kitchen/dining/living area, and large decks and porches are all ways to make your home more accessible and livable for multiple roommates.

Finish Your Basement

Assuming its unfinished, finishing your basement could lead to renovations that could effectively add another living space to your home.

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Image source: An ‘upside-down house in an open-air museum by Tomasz Sienicki

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