Finding The Right Loan Officer – How To Ensure A Perfect Fit

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, April 27, 2018

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Real estate loans are complex — there are many moving parts and when it comes to borrowing for your first home it is vital that both parties feel confident and well informed. That is where we come in. The loan officers at Stonebridge Mortgage Group are here to ask all the right questions. We thoroughly go over an applicant’s financials and find out what loan amount is appropriate and work tirelessly for our clients to ensure they find the exact right fit.

At Stonebridge, we will never put an individual at risk for default by overestimating his or her payment capabilities. Our loan officers have a wealth of expertise and always take as much time as necessary to gather the required information without testing our client’s patience. We will not be overly hasty at the cost of accuracy.

At Stonebridge, we pride ourselves on making sure every customer has a clear understanding of what loans are available, what the payment will look like, and all the fine-print details are out in the open. We fiercely advocate for the best terms on each loan that can be found.

Stonebridge Mortgage Group can help you with your real estate loans and other mortgage solutions, both residential and commercial. We serve the greater Portland area and are located in Gresham, Oregon.

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