Exterior Home Trends For Summer 2018

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, July 6, 2018

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2018 has been the year of contemporary texture. New construction trends include brick elements, glossy stone elements, and rich wood textures with vibrant variations in tone and warmth. This and the necessary incorporation of landscaping and hardscaping have come to define this generation’s architectural style; a focus on reclamation, nature, and fun. But older homes can take part in the fun as well. Upgrade your home exterior with these trends:

Red Bricks

Heritage bricks are quite common on the east coast, but now recently in vogue here in the Pacific Northwest. Lowering 1/3 siding with red brick is a charming way to incorporate the trend, it also makes for eye-catching landscape/hardscape elements.

Vibrancy Through Contrast

 Bold hues that complement each other rather than one classic hue supported by a neutral white is a trendy color option that makes for some truly charismatic neighborhoods.

Monochromatic Textures

Blending textures is a huge trend for 2018 — wood and brick, tile and stone, etc. Bring this trend firmly into 2020 with a wash of even, neutral color like eggshell white or pale beige.

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