Don’t Sell Your House Until You’ve Made These 3 Investments

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Replacing Their Roof

Selling your home can be significantly more financially robust if instead of listing your house immediately, you make a few renovations that increase your home’s value. Consider each of these renovations popular with younger buyers to ensure your home not only moves faster but is valued higher.


The most renovated room in Multnomah County in 2017 was the bathroom. Aging commodes and discolored tiles have no place in your ready-to-sell home. Update fixtures, plumbing, colors and flooring in your main bathrooms and your home value will increase significantly.


The second most renovated room in 2017 was the kitchen. While new homes may capitalize on the open floor plan concept, many older homes have closed off kitchens and dining rooms. Opening these rooms up to create a larger kitchen footprint will make for a more appealing space to young buyers.


Most composite roofs have a lifespan of about 25-30 years. Strengthen the value of your home by replacing or doing significant upgrading to your roof and you can heartily assure your potential buyers that your house is well equipped to weather Portland’s notoriously moist climate.

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