Creating a Family Room In Your Finished Basement

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Stone_Bridge_Mortgage_Creating a Family Room In Your Finished Basement

Home value aside, a family room can be essential for families with dizzying, conflicting schedules and more bodies than can comfortably relax around a dining room table. A family room can be a great equalizer, a room where nothing but fun and relaxation is had and everyone is free to unwind. Consider these few tricks to turn your sparse, finished basement into an awesome room your entire family will love.

Choose your colors wisely.

A subterranean space can feel cramped and claustrophobic if the right combination of colors and textures is not employed. Use light, warm neutrals to brighten your walls, and consider a vibrantly stained polish for your concrete floors. Bringing a balance of vibrant hues and soft neutrals into the space will make it inviting and hospitable.

The right textiles will determine just how comfortable your family room is.

Avoid opulent textiles you may use in your home’s common spaces, like velvet or satin, and opt instead for sturdy upholstery and wide, cushy seating options. Overstuffed chairs, comfy ottomans, and wide sectionals replete with fluffy decorative pillows and thick knitted throw blankets will all make the room a cozy haven.

Put time and effort into entertainment.

A game shelf stacked high with board games, a softly lit reading area surrounded by towers of books, a wall mounted flat screen or a collection of musical instruments are all great uses of space that serve to bring your family together and offer quiet areas to simply relax.

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