Choosing The Best Exterior Color For Your Home

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, August 18, 2017

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There are many variables to consider when choosing the exterior color for your home. Neighborhood Association guidelines, current trends, personal tastes – all of these factors greatly influence the choices you have. Painting your home is the easiest, fastest way to improve curb appeal, give your home’s facade a facelift and improve the general look of your house. But a bad paint job in mismatched colors can become an eyesore for not just you, but everyone in your neighborhood.

Careful planning and research are your first safeguards against unattractive exterior home color choices. First, examine the homes in your neighborhood. Find the color palettes that most appeal to your aesthetic and then compare it to the homes on your block; are they complementary? Unique color combinations, heritage, and vintage combos can be show-stoppingly fabulous or dreadfully unpopular, so diligent examination of what will fly on your block is step one.

Aside from indulging in trend shopping, compare the date your house was built to the trends of that era (if your house is relatively new, you might skip this process altogether, though it’s interesting to consider how home design trends in our communities have evolved). You may find that your home was specifically designed with certain tonal combinations in mind. Consider how that compares to your desired color palette and let it inform your final decision.

Before you can decide on the perfect exterior color of your home, you must decide on your perfect home, and that all starts with the perfect mortgage. Contact Stonebridge Mortgage today to see what options are available to you!

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