Checklist Of Fall Maintenance For Your Home

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Fall is here which means you might have to do some maintenance around you home to keep it in tip-top shape. With the rainy months here and colder ones on the way you will have to take care of some things in and around your home so you are ready! Here is a checklist of things you should look over when prepping your home for fall. 

1) Prune trees and shrubs.

With the summer growth cycle at an end, fall is the perfect time to prune trees and shrubs. Keep tree limbs trimmed down around your home so you won’t have to worry about exterior damage from falling branches during winter storms.

2) Prepare your fireplace for those cold winter nights.


Nothing beats sitting down by a cozy fire on a cold winter night, so make sure your fireplace is in working order before the chilly weather starts. Grab a flashlight and check that the damper is opening and closing properly. If your fireplace is free of birds’ nests, leaves, and branches you should be able to see light at the end of the chimney. Call a professional chimney sweep every other year to prevent buildup, and consult a professional if you see missing bricks or cracks.

3) Seal gaps to guard against unwelcome guests.

The cold winter weather means more critters looking for a warm place to camp out until spring. Mice only need a small gap to sneak into your home, so make sure you fill any gaps larger than a quarter of an inch with copper mesh to keep unwelcome guests at bay.

4) Protect your pipes from freezing.

Before the first freeze, make sure you protect your pipes by turning off all exterior faucets. You’ll also want to drain any hoses and store them inside.

5) Repair cracks in your driveway.

Freezing temperatures at night and thawing in the morning can turn a small crack in your driveway into a big problem by spring. Clean out any cracks and repair the damage with filler, then coat with a sealer.

6) Winter-proof your walkways.

When black ice covers your driveway and the path leading to your door is covered in snow, a trip from your home to your car can seem like a dangerous feat. Make the trip safer by installing lightsnear the path, eliminating easy tripping points, and making sure any railings are secure.

7) Keep up with raking leaves.

Fallen leaves look beautiful covering your yard, but too many blanketing your lawn under winter snow can inhibit spring growth. It’s more fun to jump in leaves than it is to rake them, but your yard will thank you later.

8) Clean your gutters.

Rain gutters clogged with fallen leaves can cause ice dams when the temperate dips below freezing. Be sure to regularly check and clean your gutters before winter to remove leaves and twigs, and replace any damaged gutters before winter.

9) Reduce heating costs by adding weather stripping.

Feel around your windows for drafts, and seal any gaps with weatherstripping around the frames. Weatherstrip seals help prevent warm air from escaping in the winter, and can reduce your energy costs.

10) Properly store your mower.

The last thing you want is to try to start up your mower in spring only to find it no longer works. Leaving gas in the tank for several months can cause damage to internal parts, so run your mower dry before storing it, or add fuel stabilizer to prevent deterioration.

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