Brighten your Home with 3 Easy Painting Projects

Posted by bmedia on Monday, November 2, 2015

Stonebridge Mortgage Group_3 easy painting projects that'll brighten your home

November is here which means it’s time for holiday decorating. Spruce up the entryway with a fresh coat of paint before entertaining this holiday season and your guests will enjoy the presentation. Brighten up your home for the holidays with these 3 easy painting projects.

Energize Your Entryway

A new paint job in the foyer will help invigorate the surrounding living spaces. And most entryways consist of just one or two walls, making this a manageable project. You might choose a color that’s slightly deeper than the adjacent living room, to make that space feel more expansive. Or if the entry is poorly lit, a lively shade of yellow or other bright color can make it warmer and more welcoming.

If the foyer isn’t your main entrance, consider paint with a flat finish, which can add richness to the walls while hiding imperfections. Behr Marquee, $43 per gallon at Home Depot, performed very well overall in Consumer Reports’ interior paint tests.  If you do use the entryway often, opt for a more durable eggshell or satin finish. Consider another of our recommended paints, Valspar Reserve, $44 per gallon at Lowe’s. 

As long as you’re redoing the entryway, take a look at the front door. A new hue could give your home’s exterior a whole new look. One of our top-performing semi-gloss exterior paints, like Clark + Kensington, $35 at Ace, will provide a durable finish with an extra level of shine. Read “What the Color of Your Front Door Says About You” for design ideas.

Give the Kitchen a Face-lift 

Holiday guests are sure to congregate in the kitchen. Replacing the countertops and cabinets is probably more than you want to take on, but you can still freshen up the space by painting the kitchen walls and backsplash. This project requires a bit more prep work, since you need to tape off the cabinets and countertops to protect them. But on the plus side, you probably won’t need as much paint, since most kitchen wall space is consumed by cabinets. 

A semi-gloss paint works best in the kitchen, since it will wipe down easily while reflecting light. Behr Premium Plus Ultra, $34 per gallon at Home Depot, is a top choice that can fend off scrub marks and mildew and keeps its sheen even after rough cleaning.

Brighten up Kids’ Spaces

If your guest list includes younger relatives who will be spending a few nights, your kids’ bedrooms or the main family room will definitely be on display. This is a good opportunity to bring your children into the decorating process. Teens in particular like taking ownership of their personal space, so they’ll enjoy selecting a new color for their bedroom. 

Kids can also participate in the prep work, for example by moving out furniture and taping off the floors. If they’re old enough to wield a brush, they can even help paint and take extra pride in designing their own living space. A semi-gloss finish is best for this project, especially in a younger child’s room that gets a lot of abuse. Clark + Kensington Enamel, $32 per gallon at Ace Hardware, was superb at resisting stains and scrubbing in our tests.


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