15 Amazing Things Aluminum Foil Can Do

Posted by bmedia on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mental_Floss has a great post about things aluminum foil can do beyond what you would think:

1. DISH SCRUBBER. When the rough side of your sponge isn’t enough for set-in grease and food remains, use a balled-up piece of foil to wipe your baking dishes clean. Foil works just as well on a dirty grill.

2. SCISSOR SHARPENER. Fold a piece of aluminum foil several times. Cut a few straight lines through the foil with your dull scissors. This cleans and sharpens the blade, sort of like a razor strop.

3. CUPCAKE HOLDER. Make an easy-to-carry disposable cupcake or muffin holder by lining a regular cupcake pan with a layer of foil. Make sure to push the foil all the way into the recesses of the pan, creating cupcake-shaped indents. Pop it out, and wrap the whole thing (cupcakes inside) again in foil.

SRC: And there are many more, like cleaning your BBQ grill! Find them all at: http://goo.gl/59FnKR


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