A Spring Paint Job Can Refresh Your Home

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Winter is officially over which means you can get your house ready for spring and summer! A fresh coat of paint can really revitalize a home. Springtime is also when the housing market is at it’s hottest so you wanna make sure your house looks it’s best when you show it off to potential buyers.

Just as the season of spring itself is associated with bright sunshine and fresh air, a new springtime paint job also conveys feelings of welcoming warmth and open space both outside and inside the house.

Whether hiring a professional painting company such as Finglas’ or doing the job yourself, preparing for the project inside will, of course, involve clearing out the rooms that are to be painted. While Finglas operates a full-service company that takes care of moving furniture for the client, it is not a service that is automatically offered by every painting business, he noted.

While the job is in progress, Finglas offered the tip that, for an interior paint job, it’s wise to tackle just one or two rooms at a time. When the job sprawls over several rooms, Finglas said, it leaves “absolutely no space for the homeowner to go.”

“If you’re doing a project that includes more than one room, organization is the whole thing,” said Finglas.

Particularly as homeowners are entering the hottest time of year for buying and selling real estate, painting is one of the least complicated cosmetic projects one can undertake to immediately enhance the look and feel of their home, whether putting a fresh coat of paint on the exterior, in just a few rooms inside, or throughout the entire residence.

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