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Posted by bmedia on Friday, June 12, 2015

There are lots of great smartphone apps that can help you transfer money to friends. Here are 6 top rated apps. After all, using cash, or checks seems so old fashioned. I use Square Cash a lot and really love the simplicity of the process.

Do you carry cash around with you? If you’re like me, probably not (or at least not much). I’d rather keep my money with my bank, so that if my wallet gets stolen, I can tell the bank and they’ll close my cards and refund me any unauthorized purchases. But the downside to keeping all of your money at the bank is that it’s not quite as easy if you want to pay your friends or family for something on the spot.

Thankfully, there are several apps that allow you to send money quickly and securely, from your bank account to theirs. With these, you can keep your money at the bank and not have to worry.


Venmo is currently the most popular choice, all thanks to free transfers and slick apps to control it all. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that a lot of people have Venmo accounts. So if you need to send someone money, there’s a decent chance that they have a Venmo account and can receive your money immediately.

Transferring money is the only thing that Venmo does, so people also have a lot of confidence in it compared to similar services offered by providers such as Snapchat. If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward solution, Venmo is a great choice.

Snapcash from Snapchat

Tons of people use Snapchat, and if you’re one of those people, then it’s easy to use Snapcash to send money to your friends. All you (and your friends) have to do is add payment information to Snapchat and you can start sending and receiving money as easy as sending a Snap. And if you’re worried about potential security issues since Snapchat has been hacked before, apparently there’s no cause for concern because Snapcash is powered by Square. Your sensitive information should be stored by Square also, with only a link to your Snapchat account so that it knows who you are.

To send money, just send the amount (starting with the currency symbol) in a chat to whomever you’re wanting to send money to. That’s it. Before you actually send or accept money, Snapchat will make sure that you have payment information entered.

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